Healthy Weight Loss Program By Amanda Hamilton

Visit for a healthy weight loss program that anyone may follow to slim down with ease by making lifestyle changes to make weight loss more sustainable. – Click the link to the Left to start your weight loss program with Amanda Hamilton today.

Amanda Hamilton’s Healthy Weight Loss Program In 3 Phases:

1. Detox Phase (Also known as the Cleanse Phase)

When you join our programme your first five days are what we call the “detox” phase.

– This is an easy cleanse based designed to work well over the winter season

– Each day sees three meals and two snacks, easy ingredients and easy to prepare

– Daily videos and articles to provide inspiration and wisdom

– Average weight loss during this phase is 1-3lbs

2. Re-Shape Phase

This is where things get really fun. I believe that every woman is unique and we create your re-shape plan according to your exact body type.

– Personalized menu plans and easy to print shopping lists to make life simple

– Amanda’s personalised progress report each week

– Personal dashboard to help you track your progress and help you stay motivated

– Optional meals delivered to your door and personal planner diary

3. Healthy-Me Phase

I’ll help you keep the weight off in the long term with support and inspiration from our expert team and other women like you.

– Once you reach your goal weight your menus are updated to maintain your body as you love it — with plenty of fun and inspiration

– Community support and involvement in our webinars to keep you on track
and, if you’re keen, you have the chance to become one of our trained weight loss buddies

– Your success helps in other ways too with my “£’s for 1lbs” project. As you shrink, our donations grow!

That basically sums up what you get from the program.

Ready to start your FREE trial with Amanda? Visit this link:

Good Luck with your weight loss!


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