Healthy Eating – Sec 2 (PHF Lesson 1)

Although our youths generally still enjoy play during PE, more of our youth today are not as rugged and do not value the benefits of physical activity as much as before. This translates to more of our adults making poor lifestyle choices that results in obesity, diabetes and a whole lot of other health problems.

Physical Education today is increasingly more important in the context of Singapore. Moving forward into 2018, Hillgrove Secondary School will explore the possibility of adopting “flipped classroom” as a key enabler in our curriculum. Through this, it is hoped that students will continue to have sufficient activity time during lessons while the PE teachers make a conscious effort to teach more than just psychomotor skills, but also the necessary knowledge so that students see greater meaning in PE, beyond just the NAPFA test. Students need to be encouraged to be self-directed learners, to read up and to acquire the necessary knowledge and disposition so that they will be empowered to make an informed decision, towards a more active and healthy lifestyle for life!

Together, towards a world class physical education experience for all!


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