Healthy Eating for Kids – Teenagers Diet and Nutrition – Nutrition for Teenagers Healthy eating for kids (teenagers diet and nutrition) is so important but often disregarded in favor of a less healthy quick fix takeaway meal, containing high levels of fat, sugar and carbohydrates.

Good nutrition is the basis of all health and without it your child cannot have a healthy physical body, strong academic success, top sports performance, emotional stability and sturdy family relationships,” says Michele Chevalley Hedge, one of Sydney’s leading expert nutritionists for teenagers.

“It’s hard to believe right? You can calm your teenager’s mood, improve their grades and attention span, shine their hair, and energize their body just through the simple act of eating!

We get the opportunity three to five times a day to help our teenagers with all of those teenage issues simply through balancing their diets with quality, nutrient dense foods and blood sugar regulation,” Michele says.

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Accomplished speaker Michele Chevalley Hedge is a nutritionist and published author and a dynamic health advocate. Healthy eating for kids or Nutrition for Teenagers is an extremely important topic for Michele, particularly as she has three teenagers herself.

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