Healthy eating and nutrition : Simple yet Effective Rules you can follow

Eating food should not be complicated . But it is. So are there simple rules we can follow when it comes to choosing what to eat?Yes there are, and this, is what I am going to talk about.

Acknowledgement: Michael Pollan, Food Rules

Food Rules

Eating healthy food should not be a complicated activity.
We have been eating for centuries.

The TRUTH however, is that eating, HAS become complicated.

Think for a moment of the long list of words associated with food.
And this list keeps growing…

Then think of the alarming statistics we regularly see.

We are also bombarded by experts telling us what to eat and how to eat.
Their voices HAUNT us when we order a meal or shop for food items.

Is there a simple rule we can follow when it comes to choosing what to eat?
Yes there is, and this, is what I am going to talk about.
My name is Ayush Sinha.

Here is an answer to this complicated question, contained in just 7 words:


This is easy to remember.
However there are 3 parts so lets quickly talk about each.

Lets start with the first question. What should you eat?
Well you should eat food?

How would you identify healthy food? Lets look at some ways of doing so?

Firstly, as far as possible, eat food that will eventually go bad.
An apple would rot in a few days. So would milk , vegetables and fish.
A bag of crisps would not. It is processed to last much longer.
Processed food is not good for you.

A lot of our food is bought in supermarkets.
Do you look at the ingredients of the food you buy?
Start being more aware of ingredients and avoid foods that have some form of sugar as the top 3.

I will sum things up with a simple rule:

If your food came from a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, dont!

Let now look at the next question. How much should I eat?

The simple answer is, ‘eat less’. But this is not saying much, is it?

So lets look at some rules.

For many of us eating has nothing to do with hunger.
We eat when bored, for entertainment and many times for comfort.
So try to be aware of why you are eating and ask yourself the question: Am I really hungry?

Now, Imagine yourself at a buffet with a plate in your hand.
You fill up your plate, eat till your plate is clean and then go back for more.

Lets try and make 3 changes here:

What if the size of your plate was 30 percent smaller?
What if you decided not to go back for seconds?

Using smaller plates and glasses is a great way to avoid over eating.
And so is to STOP eating before you are FULL and can eat no more.

So instead of asking the question, “Am I full” ask yourself the question, ” Is my hunger gone”

In conclusion, let us not obsess about these rules. There will be special occasions when we will break these rules. And this IS FINE.

What matters is not these special occasions but the everyday practice.

Cheers to OUR health!


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