Healthy Eating and Cooking with Kids – Yes, Healthy Eating is Possible! – Part 1

Healthy Eating and Cooking with Kids! Yes, healthy eating is possible with kids!

Why is this meal healthy eating and cooking?
– organic pasta sauce
– Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta (full serving of vegetables per 4oz portion)
– boneless, skinless chicken breast
– cooked in a pan with only very small amount of grapeseed oil
– cinnamon (one of the highest antioxidant levels of any spice)

Is it a perfect meal? Maybe not, but it was fun, relatively healthy and the kids enjoyed it!

Some of the keys to healthy eating and cooking with kids are:
1) start young
2) make it fun
3) let them “help”
4) teach them why it is important

1) Start Young – The reason to start young when getting your kids eating healthy (and cooking when they are old enough) is because it is easier! The younger we teach them about healthy eating and cooking habits the better. It will become second nature and they will grow up eating and cooking healthy!

2) Make It Fun – Making eating and cooking healthy fun, as well as exciting will help teach the kids. Nobody likes dry, boring material, especially kids! So, make eating and cooking healthy fun, enjoyable and exciting.

3) Let Them “Help” – For the parents or guardians this can make the task of eating and cooking healthy more difficult, but it is worth it. Don’t worry about taking 2 step forward and one step backward with their “help”. Remember #2, make it fun! Keep the kids engaged with measuring, stirring, mixing, etc. Another benefit of letting them help is having a kid that is proud of their work!

4) Teach Them Why It Is Important – Remember #2 while doing this. Teaching our kids about eating and cooking healthy does not have to be done with books and lectures. We want to make the information lively but still teach the kids the benefits of eating and cooking healthy.

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