Healthy Dosa 4 Ways | Weight Loss Pancakes 4 Ways | Carrot Dosa | Beetroot Dosa

4 Healthy Dosas made with Spinach, Carrots, Bell Peppers and Beetroot. Puree the vegetable you like and add it to regular Dosa batter. This will help with intake of more vegetables and promotes health.
1. Beetroot Dosa
2. Spinach Dosa
3. Carrot Dosa,
4. Capsicum Dosa or Bell Pepper Dosa

This would be a great recipe for people with special health conditions like Diabetes, hypertension and just any other disorder. Kids like this recipe and consume more of healthy stuff without stress. Include your kids when you make these special dosa’s so they would understand healthy ways of eating

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Dosa Batter – as needed
Spinach 2 Handfuls
Carrots 2 Small
BeetRoot 1/2
Bell Pepper 1/2
Salt – To taste

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