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A GUY’s 110lb HCG Diet Weight Loss in 6 months- Episode 9
The HCG Diet Reviews – Episode 9!
Well guess what? I found a guy to interview. Yes indeed I did. I say it that way because it’s been like pulling to teeth to find them. Not that I know a thing about pulling teeth. Who knows maybe that’s not even a hard thing to do anymore in good ol’ 2013. Anyways.

Main takeaways from Nathan’s weight loss journey:

Dudes do great on this diet.
Nathan was able to go back to physically demanding work without feeling “weakness” after his weight loss.
Nathan used homeopathic hCG.
He went from finding any exercise at all very difficult because of his girth, to easily being able to run a few miles afterwards.
His lab testing including the important stuff like Cholesterol all fell into the normal range with the use of hCG. Doc was speechless.
He found keeping a diary of what he ate and his resulting weight the following day very helpful in P3 to discover what foods he might be sensitive to.
He felt getting support in the way of the hCG diet forums online as extremely helpful to him.
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Nathan lost 110lbs with homeopathic hCG in a rather short period of time- 6 months to be exact. His hCG diet review is worth listening to- some great takeaway points for both men and women.


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