Gut Health Viewer Q&A: Candida Cleanse for Yeast Overgrowth Treatment + Prebiotics & Probiotics

Today’s video focus is on your gut health and yeast overgrowth (candida) and how to treat this prolonged health condition.

💡The video topic inspiration this week is from an email one of our channel subscribers Brina sent me.

She wanted to inquire:

1. Why is my yeast overgrowth so bad and so prolonged?

2. Is chlorine in my water killing off the good bacteria in my gut?

3. Could this be allergy related as I live in a heavily wooded, swampy area and deal with mold-yeast-dust allergies?

4. Or is this autoimmune/stress related?

I miss my 🍩 & 🍕 – but really wanted to see if you could help me.

My response:
1. Depending on your birth & early infant/child exposure to antibiotics – this can be a big factor for such a prolonged imbalance of bad bacteria in your body.

2. Chlorine will not impact your gut bacteria directly – in terms of feeding it – but it can create mineral imbalances that may offset your immunity and ability for your gut and body to ward off bad yeast.

3. Yes – environment is a HUGE factor when it comes to yeast overgrowth and treatment options often limit environmental exposure (food, outdoor & indoor mold exposure, sugar, alcohol). The key is

4. YES!! Stress is definitely a factor as are physiological stressors like autoimmunity issues and systemic inflammation.

5. Pizza and Donuts definitely taste great but they are great food for the unhealthy, bad bacteria and can offset the good bacteria in our body – further causing gut bacteria level imbalances.

I recommend you look at a candida cleanse:
Dietary elimination of carbs, sugar, yeast raising foods, sodas, and alcohol.
And adding probiotics and probiotics with greatly benefit your candida detox.

Recently, I created an Amazon list where I highlight AMAZING products I recommend for my clients seeking candida yeast cleansing treatments as well as my favorite prebiotic and probiotic supplements – they range from a mild cleanse to a more intense cleanse, but there you can find all the recommendations I make to keep your gut health in check and free of unhealthy bad bacteria levels naturally.

🛍My favorite Candida & Yeast Cleansing Products:

Hope that helps Brina! And if you, like Brina, have any questions or what to share your story please feel free to email me or share you questions and comments in the space below!


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