Gut Health Starts in the Mouth w/ Steven Lin, DDS

Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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07:13 Crooked teeth are not genetic.
08:59 People with higher pallets have crooked teeth. The messages that you send to your jaw, especially the maxilla, upper jaw, determines how your jaw grows.
10:22 Jaw development is also impacted by tongue function. The tongue needs to press against the pallet.
11:12 Tongue position causes crooked teeth.
12:27 Expansion therapy is effective for adults of nearly every age. Face shape changes. This can help people with deep sleep issues.
13:49 You can change the shape of your jaw by pushing your maxilla with your tongue and breathing correctly.
17:03 Extracting teeth takes away airway volume, also changing posture and facial profile. Braces will make your teeth look good, but the airway has not changed.
19:10 Seventy million Americans have a sleep disorder of some sort.
22:42 The work of Weston A. Price was profound and prophetic, but not fully understood until now.
25:05 Price’s Activator X = Vitamin K2
26:45 Ninety-nine percent of us do not get enough K2. K2 impacts growth signals and growth hormone in the body. It stimulates the release of testosterone.
28:30 Nearly all chronic disease can be linked to the mouth.
31:37 Dental care is healthcare, though it is not regarded as such.
33:05 Prevention starts at home. Every meal you eat, how your child functions and breathes, and how your family sleeps can create long term dental issues.
35:35 Your microbiome synthesizes vitamin K2. Dr. Lin sees the oral microbiome as the body guard.
37:12 Vitamin K2 activates proteins that mineralize bones. Vitamin K1 impacts your blood coagulation cascade.
38:39 There are two types of K2. MK-4 is from animal products. MK-4 is processed quickly by the tissue and will go to your testes and brain for cell messaging. MK-7 is bacterially derived, formed in the gut and from fermented foods. MK-7 travels to the liver and the bones.
40:49 Every tooth has an immune system.
41:47 Dentin can repair itself, to a certain extent, though enamel cannot. It is a function vitamins A, D and K2.
43:00 Our judgements about facial beauty are really about assessing the other’s biological health.
44:42 Toothaches hurt so badly because your body knows that, ancestrally, you are having a life-threatening crisis.
45:18 Chronic illness and neurological issues need to be addressed at the mouth first.
46:45 Long-term mouthwash use increases the risk of pre-diabetes.
48:46 Tooth decay is not a bacterial infection. Tooth decay the result of long-term dysbiosis caused by a nutrient deficiency impacting the workings of your immune system.
49:40 Getting a dental cleaning for tooth decay is tantamount to taking your car with an engine problem to the carwash.
52:18 Nighttime airway dysfunction induces a stress response.
53:57 We only diagnose sleep apnea at its most severe form. The core problem is poor jaw growth.
54:33 Upper airway resistance syndrome impacts children greatly as they are going through crucial brain development and their brain is starving of oxygen.
54:48 In the stages of deep sleep the blood brain barrier relaxes and lets the cerebral spinal fluid in to replenish and remove metabolites.
56:47 Daytime tongue posture, tongue to pallet, holds your airway open and strengthens your tongue muscles to keep your deep airway muscles activated while you sleep.
58:49 Make a video of yourself sleeping. You shouldn’t move at all while you sleep.
59:54 You get nitric oxide when you breathe deeply through your nose. The balance of nitric oxide in your body is crucial for mitochondrial health.
01:03:11 Dr. Lin’s Morning Routine: He recently began morning fasting, augmented with Bulletproof coffee. He tries to do a deep breathing exercise and meditation.
01:07:05 Dr. Lin’s desert island nutrient is vitamin K2. His favorite source is butter.
01:08:317 Dr. Lin’s elevator pitch is to build nutritional guidelines around the mouth and dental health. Preventing dental disease is a primary way to prevent other conditions.


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