Gut Health & Kids Part 2 – Leaky Gut & Kids

A healthy gut = A healthy, happy child! Which is why I decided to do a 3-Part Facebook Live series ALL about gut health and kids.

Check out Part 2 all about Leaky Gut and Kids where we discussed:
• A look at the conditions that can be caused by gut imbalance – from asthma/eczema to autism/ADHD to anxiety and autoimmune illness
• What is Leaky Gut and Gut Dysbiosis?
• How can you tell if your child has a Leaky Gut and Gut Dysbiosis?
• What are the 5Rs to healing a leaky gut?

Here are the resources for today’s show. Be sure to download them and have them on hand for reference:hand for reference:
1. My FREE Guide to 5R’s to Heal Your Child’s Leaky Gut ( )
2. Guide to Choosing Your Child’s Probiotic (
3. Sign up for my newsletter at to be the first to know about my Everyday Holistic Pediatrics online course coming out soon!

If you missed Part 1 with foundations of a healthy gut in kids, you can watch it on my Elisa Song, MD – Healthy Kids Happy Kids page (! We discussed:
• The Gut-Brain and Gut-Immune System Connection
• The importance of starting out in life with a healthy gut microbiome
• How to establish a healthy gut microbiome in your baby/child
• How to choose the best probiotic for your child

And Part 3 on how Pediatric Functional Medicine & Healing Leaky Gut Can Help Kids Thrive up up now ( where we take a deeper look at gut health and kids:
• What functional medicine is
• How healing the gut can help kids thrive
• A recap of the 5R program to heal a leaky gut
• A deeper look at how pediatric functional and integrative medicine and healing the gut can help kids with asthma, eczema, colic/reflux, ADHD, anxiety, constipation, and more!

Enjoy, and please share with any mama or papa you know who would benefit from this infomation!

xo Holistic mama doc – Elisa Song, MD


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