Gut Health & Kids Part 1 – Foundations of a Healthy Gut

This is Part 1 of a 3-Part FB Lives Series ALL About Your Child’s Gut! Join me, holistic pediatrician and pediatric functional medicine expert as we explore why your child’s gut is the foundation to optimal health!

In today’s FB Live, cover the Foundations of a Healthy Gut for Your Child:
• The Gut-Brain and Gut-Immune System Connection
• The importance of starting out in life with a healthy gut microbiome
• How to establish a healthy gut microbiome in your baby/child
• How to choose the best probiotic for your child

Here are the resources I promised during today’s FB LIVE:
1. My Guide to Choosing Your Child’s Probiotic (…/)
2. Summer Bock’s upcoming awesome free online summit all on gut health – the Better Belly Project (

Join me for the next 2 FB Lives to take a deepder dive into Gut Health and your Child:

Wed 12/6 4:30pm PST: Gut Health and Your Child
• A look at the conditions that can be caused by gut imbalance – from asthma/eczema to autism/ADHD to anxiety and autoimmune illness
• What is Leaky Gut and Gut Dysbiosis?
• How can you tell if your child has a Leaky Gut and Gut Dysbiosis?
• What are the steps to healing your child’s gut?

Wed 12/13 4:30pm PST: Heal the Gut, Heal Your Child
• How healing the gut can heal your child
• A recap of the 5R program to heal a leaky gut
• A deeper look at how pediatric functional and integrative medicine and healing the gut can help your child with asthma, eczema, ADHD, anxiety, constipation, and more!

Can’t wait to see you soon!
xo Holistic mama doc – Elisa Song, MD

P.S. All of the videos will be saved so you can watch later. But try to join me LIVE so I can answer your questions! 🙂


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