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» PLEASE NOTE: I filmed this video at the end of July- I apologize for the later upload.
I’ve had some newer updates pertaining to my health, but won’t be sharing for awhile until I have more information to share and am a little more on top of it.

If it is what I think it could be, it completely ties in with this video, though it means that stress could be only a factor (and not sole reason) in my gut (and health) being so off.

As of currently, my gut feels so much better (though no where near 100%), but I’m still having multiple symptoms showing up with autoimmune, hormonal and neurological issues that are really beating me down some days. I’ve absolutely noticed more sad/ anxious days and I really have appreciated your support throughout.

As I said, I’ll be sharing a little more in the coming months.

Check out Desiree Nielsen:

AS FOR NOW I’ve been focusing on-

Healthy Fats (such as: Avocado, Hemp Hearts, Nuts, MCT Oil, Healthier Vegetable Oils like Hemp, Walnut, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil etc.)
They not only help with feeling ‘full’ but it’s where I’m getting my ‘energy’ from.

Protein (Such as: Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas, Hemp Hearts, Pumpkin Seeds/ nuts etc)

Non Starchy Carbohydrates (Occasionally having Quinoa, eating little to no bread etc.)

Anti Inflammatory supplements:

Turmeric (or Curcumin)

Supplements/ Things I’m finding helpful:

Adrenotone (to support my Adrenal)
Integrative Therapeutics brand – Panplex 2 Phase Digestive Aid
Saje – Eaters Digest Essential Oil
Fennel Tea
Ginger Tea

(Not mentioned in video but I take/ use)
5HTP supplement
I’ve also been drinking Spearmint tea to help lower my testosterone levels
Apple Cider Vinegar – (I don’t drink Kombucha as carbonated things have never sat well with my tummy)

Some of you were confused in my last video as I didn’t properly articulate- I’ve been seeing a Naturopath AND traditional Doctors. Still nothing crazy or useful has been coming up in my testing done.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR. PLZ BE NICE. DOING MY BEST 🙂 Also a reminder that just because this is what I’m doing does NOT mean it’s a perfect fit for you. Best thing would be to talk to a professional.

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Thank you for watching, lots of love

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