Grocery Shopping Experiment | Healthy Eating Tips While Meal Planning, Price-Matching & Couponing

My Grocery Shopping Experiment:

1st Week: No meal planning, price-matching, couponing -spent $160.00

2nd Week: Meal planned in my head, price matched a bit & a couple coupons – spent $140.00

3rd Week: Wrote down my meal plan for the week, thorough price-matching from local stores and couponing – spent $112.22

Favorite Coupon Sites: (I search for Walmart on these sites.)

Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money and Keep You Healthy:

1. Don’t buy cereal, DO buy oatmeal for breakfast (less than $4.00 for a week of breakfast)
2. Don’t buy sugary, processed foods, DO buy frozen or fresh whole foods
3. Don’t buy soda or juice, DO drink water
4. Don’t drive around to several stores to get the best price, DO price-match (write down rock bottom prices from surrounding stores, and Walmart will honor them)
5. Don’t be unorganized, DO write down your meal plan for the entire week
6. Don’t waste money, DO clip coupons (only for items you normally buy)

Hope these tips help! Let me know how you save money while shopping and what healthy items you choose at the store.



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