Garlic Health Benefits | Eating Raw Garlic Benefits

Garlic Health Benefits – Eating raw garlic is good for hair, skin, weight loss , liver, blood pressure.

The humble garlic

Also known as the “stinking rose”, this bulbous plant called garlic is used to flavour food and used widely in herbal medicine for curing many diseases.

This wonder bulb should be eaten raw as it produces a compound called allicin which is beneficial for treating many ailments.
Garlic, a natural detoxifier
Sulphur present in garlic stimulates the liver to make detoxifying enzymes which filter the bad toxins from the blood stream.
Garlic, a natural antibiotic and antiseptic
Garlic is said to help in the production of white blood cells in the body, thus helps fight off infection and fungal diseases.
Garlic, a cholesterol reducer
Eating garlic regularly, empty stomach has shown to effectively reduce the build up of new plaque in the arteries.
Garlic, a high blood pressure reducer
The allicin present in garlic helps in lowering the systolic reading in normal and raised blood pressure by a few points.
Garlic, a cancer fighter
Research says that the allicin present in garlic can also reduce the size of tumors and can also stop the cancer cells specially in colon,stomach,oesophagus and stomach from developing.
Garlic, a natural remedy for cold.
Raw garlic is found to clear congestion of the nasal passages and it eases breathing problems associated with colds and bronchitis.
Garlic, a diarrhea controller
Garlic helps in cleaning the bad bacteria present in the digestive system during diarrhea and thus helps in rebalancing the inside.

Remember Eat garlic raw before breakfast to maximise the health benefits

But before you start taking this wonder bulb regularly, ensure that you are not Allergic to it.

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