Four Healthy Smoothies for Kids | Ad

4 Healthy Smoothies for Kids. Four delicious smoothie recipes that are packed full of nutritious ingredients all using Waitrose Good Health products – Ad

These smoothies are kid-approved and perfect for the whole family. You can serve these as part of breakfast or even as an afternoon snack. #HealthWithWaitrose

For further information on Waitrose Good Health products head over to the Waitrose website and for the full recipes head over to my blog:

Quinoa Berry Smoothie:

300ml milk
100g plain greek yogurt
1 banana
250g frozen berries
100g cooked quinoa (30g uncooked)
2 tsp honey

Tropical Green Smoothie:

250ml coconut milk
250ml coconut water
1 banana
200g frozen tropical fruit
50g fresh spinach

Carrot & Orange Smoothie:

250ml orange juice
250ml cold water
250g frozen sunshine fruit mix
100g cooked carrot
1 tbsp golden linseeds (or flaxseeds)

Chocolate Chia Smoothie:

400ml milk
100g plain greek yogurt
1 banana
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp golden linseeds (or flaxseeds)
2 tsp honey


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