Episode 775: Dr. Michael Ruscio- Healthy Gut, Healthy You

775: Dr. Michael Ruscio- Healthy Gut, Healthy You

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Dr. Michael Ruscio on all things gut health and his new book “Healthy Gut, Healthy You.”

Who was “Healthy Gut, Healthy You” written for? (4:07)
How to stop spinning your wheels and do what works the best for you. (10:00)
Why he feels our general health is on the decline? (14:00)
Influence of C-section, formula feeding and antibiotics on infant gut microbiome. (15:20)
The hygiene hypothesis and less gut diversity cause some of our gut issues? (17:40)
The importance of simply eat the RIGHT foods that are in alignment with your current diet plan. (19:25)
What is the DEAL with gluten?! (23:25)
How to be responsible with the LANGUAGE you are using. (34:40)
What is his opinion on the carnivore diet for gut health? (36:50)
Are Worms the Next Probiotic? (41:00)
How to FEED your children in the current times? (45:40)
The cutting edge research he is excited about. (48:15)
The benefits of fasting for healing your gut. (58:10)
Healthy Gut, Healthy You. Steps and action plan into healing your gut. (1:02:57)
WHO is this book written FOR? (1:06:10)
What are common symptoms that could be affecting your gut? (1:08:50)

Featured Guest

Michael Ruscio (@drruscio) • Instagram
Michael Ruscio – https://drruscio.com/
Podcasts – Dr. Michael Ruscio – https://drruscio.com/podcasts

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