Ep. 148: Elaina Love: The Surprising Benefits of Cleanses & Extended Fasting

Today we are joined by Elaina Love. She’s a repeat guest who is known as an authority in the organic and raw food spaces, but more than that, she’s known for cleanses. It’s something that we didn’t cover at all in our previous episode together, so I wanted to have Elaina back on the show. Not just because she’s amazing and I really enjoy talking to her, but also because she knows so much about cleanses.

Now if you’re skeptical about cleanses I was too. And you know, what I came to realize that all the research about fasting is so positive, and cleanses are just a way  to fast, but to give your body some additional ingredients as you’re fasting, to help it clean out and get all the benefits of fasting… and then some. I have to say – I’m a convert. I’ve committed, on the air as you will see, to doing my first cleanse fast fast cleanse and I hope you guys will give it some consideration as well.

What I love about talking to Elaina is she dabbles in both this soft world of holistic, raw food, and vegan, but she also dabbles in the hardcore science, and she knows to tell you what your biomarkers will do, she knows to talk to you about gut permeability and insulin like growth factor in so many other things that I think a lot of people in the space just cannot hold a candle to her.


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