Emily Schromm- Gut Health & Digestion Is Key for Keto Adaptation

Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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Welcome to episode #199 with Emily Schromm, nutritional therapist and avid strength-training athlete.

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In this 35 minute full length interview, Emily reminds us about an often-neglected aspect to healthily burning more fat for fuel: digestion and liver-gall bladder health.

If the pancreas and gall bladder are stagnant from years of eating processed fats and having poor digestion, burning fat for fuel will be … well, difficult.

Emily explores practical ways on how to assess and test your fat digestion and natural remedies to improve it.

We finish off the discussion with strategies and methods on how to use weight training to improve body composition.

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————————————–Key Takeaways———————————-

00:28 The Pancreas’ Challenge from Keto/Low Carb
02:09 The Role of the Pancreas in Digestion: Once your stomach passes through food, your pancreas releases enzymes. It signals our bodies to begin the breakdown of fat. Bile is released.
03:10 Assessing Pancreatic Function: If you are eating high fat, but you still have headaches, dry skin, inflammation, healing slowly, and/or chronic injury, maybe you are not digesting the fat you consume.
04:07 Palpate the Abdomen to Find Gut Trauma
06:00 Heal the Gut First: Find the source of your digestive issue.
08:35 Supplements that Support Your Pancreas
09:30 Low Stomach Acid: Low stomach acid can come from zinc deficiency or not being in a parasympathetic state. Emily rubs calming essential oils on her vagal nerve.
12:19 Liver and Gallbladder: We all need liver support because of our toxin exposure. Emily uses a glutathione cream for liver support. Gallbladder problems can stem from quickly going from a low fat diet to a higher fat diet, gallbladder removal or poorly functioning gallbladder.
13:50 Look to the Liver: The need for long term gallbladder support may actually be an issue with the liver.
18:00 Carbohydrate Cycling: Emily is an athlete and has tested carbohydrate cycling and uses it.
21:41 Keto Adaptation: Men vs Women
23:39 Low Back or Hip Pain Could Be Your Adrenals:. Your glutes and pelvic floor are directly tied into your adrenals. When your adrenals aren’t functioning, those muscles will turn off.
27:02 Emily’s Morning Routine: Each morning she has good quality coffee with MCT oil and listens to NPR.
28:30 Emily’s Desert Island Herb/Nutrient: Emily is obsessed with her oils. She also finds them calming. Her favorites are fennel, clove and lime. But then, she also wants ashwaganda.
29:24 Emily’s Single Favorite Exercise: She loves pullups. It is mentally, physically, and emotionally badass for a woman to pull up her own weight. Everyone needs a strong back.
31:23 Emily’s Elevator Pitch: Kids lunches are critical. Read the ingredients of every single food you put in your body.


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