Doing The Liver Flush Diet

The purpose of The liver Flush:
A liver cleanse’s main purpose used to be to flush stones from the liver and gall bladder and pass them through the body and out of the colon. Recently, the purpose of the liver cleanse has changed slightly. Stones do indeed appear after a liver cleanse. Some of them are real stones and crystal-like material from the liver, others are simply oil that has been exposed to bile and hardened. Now, a liver cleanse is meant to provide a cleansing and relieving time for the liver and gall bladder. A cleanse with natural oil and Epsom salts encourages the liver and gall bladder to excrete all of its contents quickly, flushing out the toxins inside.

he liver never rests. It constantly cleanses and releases purified blood into the parts of the body that need it, and it delivers its waste to the gall bladder. North Americans often add to the liver’s challenges by leading stressful lives dominated by caffeine and alcohol consumption, refined sugar, dairy and chemically processed foods. A cleanse is the best way to undo the negative consequences of this lifestyle and help the liver dispense its heavy, toxic load into the bowels where it can be eliminated.

ce the liver is detoxified with a cleanse, it will return to optimum function, purifying the blood faster and better. You will notice an increase in energy and alertness and a decrease in fatigue, muscle aches and asthma symptoms. You will also feel less depressed and irritable, and experience less stress and a decrease in negative thinking. When the liver becomes overburdened, the toxic blood causes all of our bodily systems to become slow, weak, and inefficient. The cleanse will reverse this process.

liver cleanse, by increasing health, will also help the body to become more balanced and alkaline, and an alkaline body is a healthier, happier body. A clean liver will aid and encourage healing and purification of other systems. For these reasons a liver cleanse is an essential part of any detox program.

ithout a clean liver, the return to health will be near impossible. The liver is among the most important organs in your body. Over time, toxins from medicines and a poor diet weigh the liver down, making it inefficient. When this happens, the whole body suffers. A liver cleanse helps your body expel these dangerous toxins and chemicals so that your liver will, once again, help you.

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