Dherbs Full Body Cleanse| The Beginning

This is my initial impression of the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse Formula. I am so excited to begin.
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Dherbs was a good option for quick weight loss. My skin was amazing (think: glowing and flawless), I had boundless energy and I just felt better. However, I learned that it is important to remain on a healthy diet with regular exercise subsequent to the cleanse as the results are not exactly permanent. So, if you intend to return to normal eating, do healthy, balanced meals: keep up the regular eating in small portions (every 2-2.5 hours) to maintain great metabolism and exercise for at least 15 mins per day (of course you may have to take other things into consideration, like your body type and the associated requirements).
Carbs have been an issue for me since I hit 26…… so following the cleanse, I have continued to eliminate breads, rice, pasta, irish potatoes, yams, etc. (carbs) from my diet. The cleanse made that easy (but eating anything else other than raw fruits and vegetables, especially immediately after the 21 days was like bail after a couple years of hard time and ….my first bite of chicken tasted sooo good!)

In essence, I would recommend Dherbs to everyone seeking to lose at least 10lbs and willing to do so on a strict diet plan for at least 3 weeks. However, it is important to keep the core principles of staying fit, lean and healthy by eating balanced meals and exercising routinely.


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