Detoxing Diet Recipes – 7 Day Detox Diet Meal Plan For Weight Loss Get rid of the hidden chemicals in your body that keep you fat! There’s a reason why losing weight is so hard. These toxic chemicals are lingering in your colon, skin, blood stream, fat cells, organs and even your brain. Causing all sorts of nasty health problems like acne and obesity, plus they stress out your liver. This program will show you exactly how to flush out the hidden toxins from your whole body.

FACT: You’ve *Deposited* 14 Pounds Of Chemicals Into Your Body…
It’s sad … but totally true!

These toxic substances are secretly hiding in what may
seem like “harmless” sources you take for granted such
as the food you eat…the water you drink… the air
you breathe…the carpet you walk on…even the
shampoo you use for your hair!

Our exposure to toxic chemicals far exceeds anything
else in modern-day history!

In fact, every single week approximately 6,000 new
chemicals are listed in the Chemical Society’s
Chemical Abstracts.

That adds up to over 300,000 new chemicals we’re
introduced to each year and many find their way right
into our body system!

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In fact, these hidden toxins are like “ticking time
bombs” in your body.

These toxic substances are stored all over your body.
In your colon… in your skin…in your blood stream… in
your fat cells… your organs… even in your brain –
capable of remaining in the body for years!

As a result, chemical exposures have a cumulative
effect and just continue to build up to extreme levels.

When left to fester inside your body, these stored
toxins can cause all sorts of nasty health problems.

1. How often should I follow this Lipo Cleanse Detox Diet?
We highly recommend you to follow our detox regime just 1 day of every week to get rid of the harmful toxins you’ve accumulated throught the whole week. On the chosen day of detox, you will be able to consume as much of our “flab flushing foods” as you wish, so don’t worry, you won’t be feeling hungry the whole day. This is a total reverse of the conventional weight loss diets out there, where they strictly limit your calorie intake to produce transient weight loss that is not permanent. Depriving our bodies of food actually drives it into “starvation survival mode” where our bodies will actually hold on to our fat instead of burning and flushing it out!

2. How does the Lipo Cleanse Detox Diet work?
We have distilled the detox program into 3 simple steps which is very easy to follow. In the first step, you will be educated about our unique collection of nflab flushing foods, and you will also be provided with the specific list of foods you will need to consume for the detox. In step 2, you will be advised on the best time of the day to start your detox, and how to prepare your detox drink and food.

3. How long does it take for my body to fully eliminate the toxic waste material?
If this is your first time on detox, most people will experience an increase in bowel movements as early as day 1, as your digestive system is being cleansed of months and even years of impacted solid waste material in your colon. The total time that it will take to fully clean and eliminate this caked-on buildup varies from one individual to another. Once the top layer of this compacted waste build up matter is eliminated, the layers below are quick to follow. Some people can clean out their entire system in 1 to 3 days, while others have so much colonic sludge that it takes them longer.

Dislodge harmful toxins locked in your body right now and undo years of damage beginning today at

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