Everyone experiences detox side effects differently when they start fasting. This video will give you a comprehensive list of what you may expect based on experiences from other Snake Dieters. Don’t be afraid to start fasting, just remember, when making a big life change, things may get harder before they get easier. If you have experienced something that is not listed here, please share the wealth and write them in the comments down below.

Detoxing side effects mentioned in this video:
* Headaches
* Difficulty sleeping
* Insomnia
* Lethargy
* Skin issues (breakouts, puffy face, under eye patches, bumps on arms, rashes, eczema, blisters)
* Swollen lips
* Kidney Pains
* Dizziness
* Brain Fog
* Tiredness
* Intense cravings
* Fake hunger
* Rapid Heartbeat
* Asthma
* Liver pains
* Burning in lower abdomen
* Allergy symptoms
* Tingling in feet
* Flushing of dead parasites
* Feeling cold
* Bad breath
* Hallucinations
* Headrushes
* Flu symptoms (runny nose, sore throat)
* Achy knees/joints
* Backaches
* Muscle Twitching
* Mucus
* Cramps
* Nausea
* Puking
* Diaherrea
* Release of negative emotions
* Hair Loss

Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to this list!
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