Detoxification : How to detox your body with castor oil – full body detox drink

Detoxification process.Detox your body with castor oil and orange juice.Have agood health.
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Castor Oil Liver Detox

For Adults Only.

Pour 50 ml of castor oil in a cup and add same amount of fresh orange juice to it and stir it well intill it mixes well.
Drink it on an empty stomach in early morning around 6 am.

After 30 minutes, start drinking hot water.

In 15 minutes intervals drink 3 cups of luke warm water.You will have flush bowel movements.

When you have visited bathroom 2-3 times, stop drinking warm water. The bowel movements can be stopped by
drinking a glass of yogurt or some other milk fermented product.
For the rest of the day try to eat very light food and avoid fatty , fried, processed, artificial or spicy foods.


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