Detoxification: Detox Foods & Weight Loss

There is another set of signaling molecules that have a huge impact on metabolic compensations during dieting. These compounds are present in your fat cells so that when fat is burned they are released in significant concentrations. The shocking thing about these compounds is they did not come from your body. They are man made chemicals that you eat, put on your skin, drink in your water, and inhale through the air.

POPS stand for Persistent Organic Pollutants and up until very recently no one understood how these compounds were involved in weight loss resistance. Here is how it works:

– POPs are fat soluble and so concentrate in animal fat, including humans. You can almost see this as a protective mechanism. If the POPS are in your fat cells, then they can’t do damage. So when they get in your body, you store them away in fat.

– When you lose fat, they are released in significant amounts and can do damage and slow the metabolism.

– POPs primarily impact the thyroid gland by decreasing its ability to make thyroid hormone, disrupting thyroid hormones once they are made, and causing thyroid hormones to be removed from the body faster. If your metabolism is a large jumbo jetliner, the thyroid gland is one of the engines. POPs appear to work in part by blowing out the thyroid engine.

In other words, POPs shut down thyroid function and drastically suppress metabolic function (for more on this read the review article in the reference section).

And if you think this effect is small, it may surprise you to know these POPs have a greater impact on metabolic rate than the all mighty hormone leptin. In other words, this is a very BIG deal.

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