Detox plan ( 3 days Diet ) in Hindi | Dietitian Nalini | Inc Media Associates

Its important for us to cleanse our body from the toxins that have built up over the weeks of holiday abuse. We won’t be doing any extreme detox like going on a liquid diet for the next 3 days, because it’s not needed. Instead we want to go on a “Light & Clean” Detox Plan for the next 2-3 days to:
1) Release Water Retention & Bloating
2) Rebalance Your Blood Sugar Level
3) Recharge Your Energy & Metabolism

This detox plan will be based on cutting out starchy carbs in order for your body to flush out the unneeded water rapidly. We will be eating a lot of plant based foods, protein and healthy fat instead. This is also suitable for vegan and vegetarian by making slight adjustments to the food.

So if you are ready, put all the holiday indulgence aside, and start this “3-Day Light & Clean Detox” to cleanse your body, mind and soul ready to start the new day fresh!

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