Detox 101 – Enhance your Body's Detoxification!

Detox 101 – Enhance your body’s detoxification!

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In this video, Dr. Justin Marchegiani delves deep into the topic of detoxification and how it affects your body in different ways. Learn how your detoxification system works and how to improve its function. So what is detoxification? Essentially, our bodies are detoxifying all the time. When people go on detox diets and lifestyles, they are simply enhancing their body’s ability to excrete toxins out of the main detoxifying system such as the skin, the kidneys, and the gut. Oftentimes, peoples detoxification pathways are sluggish and aren’t operating at full capacity. If your detox pathways aren’t working optimally chronic health challenges tend to occur. Watch this video to learn how to test and improve your detoxification.

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