Curing Candida | Total Body Cleanse for Health and Weight Loss This is the lead-in to my Ultimate Reset 3-week cleanse. After 6 months of chronic fatigue, headaches and moodiness, I finally decided to go get a check up. But not from a medical doctor. From a nutrition and diet specialist at Creative Health in downtown Greenville, SC. They examined my hair, nails, face, neck, eyes (iridology) and tongue. It was amazing all they could tell me about my health in the past and currently. One thing we discovered is that I have a case of Candida, which is an overgrowth of yeast. This can come from eating too many sugars and processed foods… of which I am completely guilty. Soooo, after all the advice she gave and supplements she recommended, I decided it was time to re-attempt the Ultimate Reset.

In three days, I will start the UR – which is a very specific eating plan and supplement regime – and start working on detoxifying my body and getting HEALTHY again!

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