Colon Problems – 7 Power Foods For Natural Colon Cleansing

Here’s 7 Miraculous Foods To Relieve Your Colon Problems that can significantly improve your colon health with natural remedies from home.
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Power Food #1 – Apples & Apple Cider Vinegar

Apples are a very effective colon cleansing food thanks to their high fiber content. Also, apple vinegar cider contains certain enzymes that support pro-biotic growth.

It’s also known to improve the digestion process while also solving several gastro intestinal conditions. That’s why almost every colon cleansing protocol in any hospitals always include apples, apple juice or apple cider vinegar.

Power Food #2 – Lemon Juice

Because of its high antioxidant properties and vitamin C content, lemon juice is another great product for natural colon cleansing. The nutrients in lemon are very effective when it comes to the good health of your digestive system. Lemon juice has anti-fungal properties, which kills off bad bacteria in your colon.

Power Food #3 – Avocado

I really love avocado! I eat it with my steak, or with some fried eggs every morning. Just like apples, avocadoes are very rich in fiber, which is great to keep your colon healthy.

So, enjoy eating fresh avocado, or as a dip in your favorite guacamole.

Power Food #4 – Flax & Chia Seeds

Flax and chia seeds are some of the healthiest seeds that you can consume. One major benefit is the high amount of fiber and healthy fats, which help you to keep your digestion healthy.

Another benefit is the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in them, which makes them good for reducing inflammation in the colon. Flax and chia seeds are versatile which means that you can add them to almost any meal, no matter if you are preparing pudding or a smoothie.

Power Food #5 – Yogurt

Yogurt has antibacterial properties, and the presence of pro-biotic bacteria in your yogurt also make it a good option for improving your overall colon health. As it’s rich in calcium, yogurt hinders the cell growth lining the colon. That helps you with issues like irregular bowels movement and digestion problems.

When you go to the supermarket, ignore those low-fat versions and look for the fortified, all-natural versions because it contains a good number of those good bacteria that helps with digestion.

Power Food #6 – Water & Sea Salt

Sometimes, the most basic ingredients are the most powerful. Dehydration can be the main reason for your buildup of toxins in your colon because without enough fluid in your body, the waste and toxins can’t be flushed out completely, and remain in your body.

In this case, you can do things the old-fashioned way using plain water and a little sea salt. Your colon needs this water in order to maintain the smooth flow of wastes. So, don’t forget to drink enough water throughout the day. You should drink 8 glasses of clean or purified water, at least.

Power Food #7 – Raw Vegetable Juice

For best results when eliminating toxins with these natural colon cleansers, it’s recommended that you stay away from all processed foods for at least one week. During this time, you should be dependent on raw vegetable juice which contains minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that enhance bowel movements as well as improving your overall health.

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