Colon Cleanse Benefits, How To and Where to Buy Part 3

How To Cleanse Your Colon
There is many different ways to cleanse you colon, and for more details about the different methods we refer you to our colon cleanse reviews section, and also the chapter of our health book ‘Cleansing The Body’ . Following we will talk in general about the topic.

How to:
1. Change your diet and consume more alkalizing foods from the list here (generally it means eat more fruits and vegetables). Eventually it is recommenced to consume a vegan diet of 20% acid forming foods, and 80% alkaline forming. This will help to maintain the correct ph balance in the blood, and allow the body to cleanse itself naturally to some degree.
2. Perform a colon cleanse. Our most highly recommended cleanses are the Bio Colon Cleanse and also the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse. We say this because from our tests it seems they are very effective, convenient, good value and safe.
3. After cleansing is is advised to regularly exercise, get fresh air and sunshine, enough sleep, and take up some form of meditation. The Convenient Method of meditation from Supreme Master Ching Hai can be learned online from here.
4. In the first year it is generally recommended to do a cleanse every three months.
5. After the first year most people maintain good health by performing 1 or 2 cleanses per year, if they have maintained the diet suggested in point 1.


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