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As the winter’s cold gradually fades, a lot of people decide to take on more physical activities to get in shape for the summer. It’s not easy, and a lot of that has to do with some of the toxins and waste products that accumulate in our bodies over the winter. Today’s close up will introduce foods that help cleanse the body.
Many people come out to exercise with the arrival of spring. However, your body may feel heavy with fatigue. There is a reason for this phenomenon. Relatively lower levels of physical activities during the winter can lead to a slower metabolism and bowel movement. Waste products accumulate in your body if you don’t digest well what you eat.
[Soundbite] Prof. Kim Jeong-eun(Baewha Women’s University) : “The accumulated waste acidifies the body and makes it susceptible to inflammation. It also causes obesity or constipation, which leads to sleep disorder and chronic fatigue.”
To resolve this problem, you need to take nutrients that help your body remove the accumulated waste. The first suggestion is to make a soup with sweet pumpkin, carrots and coconut oil. Skinned sweet pumpkin and carrots are blanched in boiling water for ten minutes. Blanching is a way to minimize the destruction of the nutrients contained in vegetables. Seeds are removed from the well-cooked pumpkin and carrots are chopped in small pieces. They are blended in a mixer. Coconut milk makes it more flavorful and softer. This is coconut oil. Some coconut oil is poured into a pot and the blended vegetables are cooked again. They are seasoned with salt and pepper to your taste. With veggie sprouts, this carrot and pumpkin soup is definitely a mouth-watering suggestion that will help cleanse your body while filling up your stomach. Red, ripe tomatoes are also effective in removing bodily waste. The skin of each tomato is cut cross-like before they are blanched in a closed pot. The tomatoes are cooked for about five minutes without water. In this way, the fibers


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