Cleansing Foods for Weight Loss – Top 10 Detox Diet Foods Cleansing Foods for Weight Loss. Detoxification diet or detox diet pertains to eating foods that have the ability to flush out toxins from the body. The body has the natural ability to flush out toxins and waste products. However, too much consumption of unhealthy foods can lead to waste buildup, which is impossible for the body to flush out naturally and regularly. Accumulation of waste materials in the body can lead to various health conditions as manifested by symptoms like a headache, dizziness, constipation, easy fatigability, easy irritability, skin rash, and the likes.
The detox diet removes toxins and waste products caused by unhealthy food intake and sedentary lifestyle. Detox diet is becoming increasingly popular today because of the many benefits it offers to the body. One of the primary benefits of a detox diet is weight loss. Detox diet gives emphasis on eating nutritionally dense foods and totally avoiding unhealthy foods. Strictly following a detox diet can lead to a healthy weight loss. If you are not fat, a detox diet can be a preventive measure to gaining weight. Foods that should be avoided if you are on a detox diet include sodas, carbonated beverages, caffeinated beverages, and instant fruit juices.
The detox diet helps cleanse the body. Unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle make the system toxic. Switching from the usual diet to a detox diet is one of the best decisions you can ever make for your health. By doing so, you will be able to cleanse your body from toxic substances. A detox diet may be difficult to follow, especially if you are accustomed to consuming highly processed foods and unhealthy beverages. However, if you are serious about moving to a healthy lifestyle, then you will take a conscious effort to follow the detox diet plan. It’s hard at first, but it will eventually pay off. It cleanses your body, helps you lose weight, strengthens the body, and prolongs life.

Your entire G.I. tract (consisting of more than 20 feet of small and large intestine) may be infested with toxic “bugs” that are secretly causing a massive “bacterial imbalance” within your body—a condition that may very well lead to a long road of pain and suffering for both you and your loved ones, and even worse, become life-threatening.

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Fact is, if you suffer from irregular bowel movements, constipation, gas, bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, skin problems, overall sickness, bad breath, fatigue, urinary tract infections, sugar cravings, and/or an inability to lose weight, these symptoms are a near telltale sign that your gut has ALREADY been infested by “bad” bugs and has literally become a ticking, toxic time bomb.

You must discover if you have a toxic bacterial imbalance in your belly… if you ever want to feel healthy, energized and reach your ideal weight.

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