Cleanse Intro:: Blessed Herbs Kit
w/ Jen Healy

Spring and Fall are the best times to cleanse and give the body, mind, and spirit a fresh start. Look good, feel great, and boost your vitality by detoxifying the body for overall optimal health and Well-being!
I am recommending the my favorite powerful and effective Herbal detoxification program I know, and it is safe and effective for anyone! This internal cleansing kit is from Blessed Herbs.

This 30-day program offers complete detoxifying, tonifying and rejuvenating of all the vital body organ systems including cardio-vascular, breathing, digestive, lymphatic, nervous and defense systems.

A complete blessed herbs internal cleansing kit, and support/guidance. I will be your guide through the whole program, and I am happy to cater to your specific dietary and lifestyle needs.

The cleanse can be made into a very mild detox experience or the most advanced. So please, just let me know what your thoughts and concerns are, and we will make it work especially for you!!

Obtain and maintain optimal health for the whole body through exercise, nutrition, herbs, supplements, cleansing, healing therapies, and spiritual philosophy.
Practice yoga and meditation; dance, go hiking, biking, and enjoy the outdoors!

We will be using the chakra system and the 8 limbs of yoga to understand the symbolic nature of our thoughts and actions, and we will practice how to live the life we truly want– to the fullest!

Also recommended– HydroColon Therapy, Sessions in Kriya (cleansing) yoga, and Chi Nei Tsang– very helpful to release and accelerate the healing process during cleansing time.

Schedule and Description:
WEEK ONE: COLON CLEANSE (diet is reduced to only healthy foods)
WEEK TWO: LIVER AND GALL BLADDER CLEANSE (w/ apple cleanse and liver flush)

What the Internal Cleansing Kit™ Does
Your body has eleven major systems (circulatory, digestive, nervous, etc.) and five are needed for continuous self-cleansing and elimination. You’re designed this way because your body continually generates large quantities of endo-toxins – the natural by-products of metabolism. In fact, scientists estimate that in the time it would take you to read this section, your body’s natural metabolism will have produced enough “endo-toxins” to kill a small animal.
Add to that the modern burdens of exo-toxins – environmental pollutants, food additives and other stress factors – and it’s clear that if your elimination system is over-burdened or weak, your health and vitality can suffer. The Center for Disease Control has done large-scale studies and found measurable amounts of more than 100 toxic chemicals in blood and urine of the general public.
While the Colon Cleansing Kit™ improves digestion and eliminates old waste, the Internal Cleansing Kit™ builds upon this by providing comprehensive herbal cleansing and support for your body’s extensive systems and organs of self-cleansing. In addition it rebalances intestinal organisms and provides antioxidant formulas to protect while cleansing.*
Specifically the Internal Cleansing Kit™ is designed to:
1) Detoxify and Rejuvenate All of Your Body’s Organs of Cleansing
Over ninety different herbs in thirteen special formulas support the small and large intestines (colon), liver & gallbladder, kidneys & bladder, lungs, lymph, blood, and skin.*
2) Reduce Unwanted Para-Organisms in the Digestive Tract
Three powerful herbal formulas are used to rebalance unwanted para-organism populations.*
3) Provide Probiotics
Introduces 3 billion live strains of friendly bacteria per capsule to maintain a high level of good bacteria in our intestines.
4) Provide Support While Cleansing
Soothing teas and a special antioxidant formula provide comfort and support as your body detoxifies.
5) Release the Body’s Wisdom for Greater Health
Sequential Cleansing for Optimum Results
The Internal Cleansing Kit™: Step-by-Step



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