Cleanse and weight loss; Burdock, eliminate stones from your body!

Good for skin and hair, too, and it works from within. The first step for losing weight is to clean your blood, which nourishes the body, cells, hair and skin. The fiber in the burdock root will help eliminate the pesticides and antibiotics that accumulate in your body when you eat meat, poultry, and are exposed to bad environment, smoke and chemicals. Burdock helps partially dissolve stones in you body: gallstones, kidney stones, etc. Just buy fresh Burdock, also called Gobo from Chinese or Asian stores, wash, peal, cut in pieces, and add to 4 -5 cops of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, let it sit couple of minutes, and drink it warm or cold; also eat the boiled pieces of Burdock. For stones, have a tablespoon of olive oil afterwards and have the tea for 4-7 days, 5 times a day and have the olive oil after each tea. Helps the blood circulation, too. Burdock capsules could be taken in spring and fall to stay healthy.
Video by BeautyHealthTravel Channel for Health and weight loss.


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