Clean 9 || Cleanse 9 Forever Living Fit Challenge Video

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######## Video transcription #######

Fit Forever Living Clean 9 is a 9 day cleanse to make you Look Better & Feel Better

I want to feel better about me again. Getting fit that’s what I need to do. It’s about promoting healthy eating and clean living which in the end of the day is what it’s all about and the supplementation is there to back it up and assist. Today before we get to the packs we need to get you weighed and measured and get the photos taken, I know your all dreading it, but it’s part of the process.

Big enough.

I want to see me transform my eating habits, my way of life, my body, my shape and inner confidence so much really. With this new supplement program I want to be able to change my lifestyle.

I’m excited about this plan because it does
give you that advice on excercise, nutrition and meal ideas.

I’ve worked as a personal trainer for about 12 years now, my experience is that people have to break the old habits and start to form new habits.
So we want to get them enjoying exercise and then they can start to build from there. Wow I’m really really excited to start the clean 9, I kind of formed the foundation really for some new habits and new eating patterns, I felt lighter, I felt fresher and I didn’t crave all
those nasties. Yeah just felt a lot cleaner fresh and
awake, the key now is pretty easy
and straight forward. During day 1 and 2 youy can take the supplements. You know i love good food probably too much of it but with the clean 9 it helps me re-educate
my body.

4 weeks in now and it’s going really
well, all the challengers have really
taken it on board really pushed
themselves, been really enjoying the
process to change their lifestyle. The group gym sessions have been going really
well everyones enjoying them, everyones getting fitter, getting stronger
and enjoying the group dynamic.

I think people are working well with each
other having gone through the plan, it’s made me understand what’s
good and what’s bad for my body.

I actually have more energy because I’m
eating clean foods. I’ve changed my whole outlook and the way i’ve sort of approached food
nutrition, fitness. You just gonna have to get youself into it
and follow it and you get fit and healthy and so many people want that at the moment.

I lost over 8% body fat which for
me is a massive thing and its a shame its come to an end, it’s been a great experience

I was really overwhelmed when I seen the photos and I thought wow is that actually me. I’ve lost seven kilos with my waist and i’ve actually lost 5 inches.

Massively proud of everything the guys
achieved, for me the fitness side of it has just gone through the roof it’s just
been a major achievement for all of them and
something they’re gonna keep going with and keep pushing forward, it’s gone brilliantly and we just had the weigh in’s. The
photos and the results speak for themselves and the photos are tremendous, yes, a two-month period that’s great
results and just proves that sticking to a structured program, supplement program, a nutrition program and excise and a bit of hard work and you can get some amazing results.

So the change in our lifestyle has not just been for us its been for the children as
well so you know the way we cook and the way that we
eat, i’m really really really pleased with what iv’e lost, inch loss is better than weight loss but I feel great for it. But I lost more than he did he’s gutted! He just didn’t want to tell you that bit.

I lost 9 kilos overall in weight and four inches
off my waist and I already know that my BMI is down
my body fats down and my visceral fat is down too. I’m down two dress sizes so it’s fantastic for me.

Its easy to pick up food whenever, it’s
easy to have an excuse not to exercise but I would recommend this plan because
it keeps you on track
you have these fantastic booklets which tell you everything, recipe ideas so your not having to source that your self, you don’t need to think about it you
just follow the plan and everythings covered for you. It’s brilliant so everyone can just look in the book and know just what to do.

(clapping and cheering)


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