Certified Health Coach Danielle Morgan on Gut Health & Whole Food Solutions

Certified health coach Danielle Morgan on gut health and whole food solutions

Many people have been taught that fat builds up from consuming too many calories and not burning enough calories; causing them to focus on the wrong aspect of their diet. People burn calories at different rates and differing foods go through varying metabolic pathways causing vastly different effects on hunger and the hormones that regulate our body weight.

Counting calories already feels like an impossible task, but with the number of calories changing depending on how much the food has been cooked and packaged food being inaccurately labeled 10% of the time it really is impossible to track.

Calories from whole foods tend to be much more filling than calories from refined foods. Some calories are packed with nutrition while others are completely empty. Replacing processed foods with plant-based nutrition can boost metabolism, reduce appetite, and cravings while optimizing how weight regulating hormones are functioning. The path to losing weight is through the gut, and that is what we are helping people do because losing unhealthy weight is a side effect of improved gut health.

An unhealthy gut is the main cause of chronic inflammation and has been recognized as the root cause of almost every disease; along with a compromised immune system that allows disease processes to go unaddressed until it has escalated to a clinical event.


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