Ceramic Best Earthen Cookware, Healthy Eating Flameware, Non Toxic Clay pot, Kitchen

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These Ceramic Cookware are for healthy eating people. They are non toxic way of cooking. These are also called flameware. These ceramic cookware can be use on gas top / stove top also. They last for generation. Metallic cookware leach metal in our food and they are toxic for us.

1. Is non-reactive — no chemicals, toxins, or gases get produced while cooking
2. Produces a far-infrared heating process — a penetrating heat process that cooks your food from both the inside and outside at the same time
3. Contains no lead, cadmium, aluminum, copper, nickel, chromium, iron, or any other heavy metals — you can trust this cookware to be non-toxic
4. Will not leach into your food — no trace metals or chemical leaching from the cooking surface, both potentially affecting taste and your health.
5. Helping keep your cooked food hot for a longer period of time
6. Using less energy to cook your meals

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