Building Back Gut Health After Taking a Round of Antibiotics

Sometimes bad bacteria overwhelms the system and antibiotics are prescribed by a doctor out of necessity. When a doctor prescribes antibiotics, listen to your doctor and take them as prescribed. During and after the antibiotics, there are things you can do to start rebuilding the good, helpful bacteria that is found in healthy intestines.

Recommended reading:
‘Eat Dirt’ by Dr. Josh Axe
‘Clean’ and ‘Clean Gut’ by Alejandro Junger
‘Food Forensics’ by Michael Allen Adams
‘Hashimoto’s Protocol’ by Izabella Wentz

Here’s an overview of some foods and supplements one can take during and after the antibiotics in order to build these helpful bacteria back up:

Food-based probiotics
– Activia and yogurts have some
– Kombucha tea
– Goat’s milk kefur
– Fermented foods (saurkraut, kimchee, pickled vegetables)

– El glutamine
– Milk thistle
– Collagen (collagen powder)
– Bone broth

Dr. Nicole Vane is the owner of Moonlight Beach Dental in Encinitas, California. Moonlight Beach Dental is a modern dentistry that offers you affordable pricing, quality work, quality materials, a 5-year warranty on major work, and single-visit work. The practice is also holistic, biologic and integrative – meaning that the overall health is considered when treating teeth.



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