Body Type based Right Exercise and Food For Weight loss and Diabetes Reversal

Body types mainly fall into 3 categories
1) Ectomorph – thin
2) Mesomorph – medium
3) Endomorph – heavy

Different people get different results for weight loss and diabetes reversal despite following a similar diet and exercise methods. This video gives BREAKTHROUGH INSIGHTS, on knowing your body type and modifying exercise and food accordingly!

To know in more detail about “Body type based right exercise and food!” please see the video discussion between Dr. Pramod Tripathi, Founder of Freedom From Diabetes and Dr. Malhar Ganla, Head of Exercise Science for Weight Loss.

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First Session covers:
Diabetes myths
Root causes of diabetes
Diabetes Reversal diet Diabetes
Reversal exercises
Full-year FFD diabetes protocol

The course will be conducted by our expert doctor. You can do the session either online or at our centers. Begin your journey now!

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