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If you’re a former Athlete like myself then you probably know the importance of having a Energy Boost. One of the great ways to experience a Energy Boost is by getting a Body Cleanse. If you too know the importance of keeping the body cleanse of toxins then you know that a Detox Diet is very necessary. I naturally thought that working out, eating right and getting a certain amount of sleep would be enough to keep a healthy body and a body cleanse wouldn’t be necessary. WELL I WAS WRONG!! As human beings we definitely need to have a body cleanse every so often because we need to get rid of the bad and replace it with the good.

When I was focused on training and staying fit and healthy for performance during my collegiate years I would have access to a lot of programs that were designed to optimize performance and keep you at the top of your game LEGALLY!! However they weren’t always geared towards the average person being able to realistically be able to sustain that similar healthy lifestyle. Yes, once a athlete always a athlete but there comes times when you let your body fall off from where it use to be and that happened to me. So when I stumbled upon this BODY CLEANSE, I was definitely skeptical to even entertain the notion that this would work but I knew I had to do something. I actually was informed of this program from a friend of mine whom is also a fellow athlete whom I have great respect for so I said let me definitely give it a try.
My personal goal with this body cleanse is to lose weight and regain the mental clarity and energy I had back from my sports playing days. Now that I am a family man, the most important thing to me is my family and being there for them.
So here I am Day 3 of my 30 day Body Cleanse. I plan to take you along with me on this 30 day journey. I hope you appreciate the fact that I will be very blunt and directly honest with you on my 30 day movement. As a heads up to all the viewers, I am a very mellow kind of guy whom doesn’t get overly excited about things and I will also tend to be moody I am sure on certain days but bear with me throughout the whole journey as I will always give you the Real Joe Frazier Jr.,

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Body Cleanse |Energy Boost |Muscle Growth |Detox Diet | Quick Weight Loss


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