Best Leakproof Bento Box – Finally Healthy Eating Without the Mess and Fuss?"

Leakproof Bento Box

Bento lunch box by Lifemark Labs is perfect for achieving healthy and well-balanced packed meals. It is specifically designed to give a hand in packing nutritious and environmental friendly meals for work, school, storage, taking a trip or meals on-the-go.

Our stylish lunch boxes are made of only the highest quality 100% food grade BFA-free plastic material. They are microwavable and freezer safe for stress-free heating and storage. They are absolutely leakproof even in between compartments. These trendy lunch boxes are air-tight, durable and hygienic. They are also multi-purpose and space saving. It is structurally designed to stack containers on top of another allowing more space. Great for organizing pantry, stop odors and maximize space. Its sleek design comes in four striking colors (Blue, Green, Orange, Purple)

Lifemark Labs bento lunch box is a modern and fun way to reinvent your kid’s lunch boxes! Get your children to eat healthy. Make every meal you create a playful masterpiece that brings back excitement to ordinary lunch boxes. Our bento lunch box is lightweight and compact. It is easy to open even for kids of all ages or even toddlers. It lets you incorporate your kid’s favorite food and healthy snacks. Turn your boring meals into an enjoyable eating experience. Instilling healthy variety of food into your child’s diet can never be this trouble-free.

Packing healthy and fuss-free lunch for work? Let Lifemark Labs bento lunch box help you! Stuffing your lunch box in controlled proportions can surely keep your diet intact. Its 3 compartment container offers ample space for salads, sandwiches, fruits and sides. These bento boxes can move you towards a healthier diet and even healthier budget.

Lifemark Labs bento boxes are reusable and eco-friendly. It’s perfect for everyday lunches and gym snacks. It is also excellent for picnics, hiking, camping and road trips. Guaranteed food comes out fresh!

Your healthy lifestyle starts today! Grab Lifemark Labs bento boxes and change everyday eating habits for good. Our study and convenient lunch box comes with a free downloadable PDF cookbook and a hassle-free lifetime replacement guarantee.

Bento is an appealing, compact, and well-balanced home-packed meal most common in Japan. Usually in a box-shaped container, a typical bento is consists of rice, meat or fish, vegetables and fruits. Over the years, the Japanese got creative and consider bento lunches as a work of art. People all over the world recognized and appreciate bento’s functionality and practicality. Soon, bento has been embraced and adapted with infinite variations.

Meals are more appetizing when it looks attractive. Mixing and matching different food elements make a meal much more enjoyable. There are several reasons why packing bento lunch boxes are beneficial for everyone.

1. Portion Control – The partitions of a bento box are moderately small therefore there is a built-in section control. It eliminates food waste because portions are just enough for one sitting.

2. Reduce Waste – Bento boxes are usually packed in reusable containers. It helps keep the environment clean by getting rid of plastic baggies and disposable containers.

3. Helps Weight Control and Calorie Counting – Containers help one achieve their fitness goals. It makes it easier to balance a healthy ratio of foods. It also creates an illusion of munching a snack when in fact it fills up with a well-packed nutritious meal.

4. Ideal for Picky Eaters – Picky eaters may be lured with attractive presentations especially with the variety of food. A person who finds difficulty in eating will have a lesser chance of losing appetite or easily get bored.

5. Cost Effective – It saves money for lunch especially for students. Parents are secured with nutritional benefits their kids are getting for every bento lunches.

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