Benefits of Total Body Detox #TotalBodyDetox #Cleansing #ColonCleanse

#TotalBodyDetox #Cleansing #ColonCleanse

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Colonics will go far in alleviating this problem but colonics will not offer a deeper detoxification as the process does not address the other primary organs of elimination especially the liver. A colon cleanse with the various colonics available should definitely be considered if you have constipation or other specific colon problems. The long-term solution to these problems is often an increase in the amount of fiber in the diet. The industrialized diet does not offer even half of the fiber that most of us need for colon regularity. Fiber supplements are often the answer. For anyone wishing to provide their body with the most complete detoxifying program, we suggest a combination of the different facets of detox into one program.

People have been following various detox programs for thousands of years. That having been said, a detox cleanse should only be undertaken after seeking advice from your physician or health practitioner. Since there are many more health challenges today then in decades past, it is always a good idea to check with your physician who is familiar with all of your medical issues and is in the best possible position to advise you not only if you should do it but the best way for you to do it under your circumstances. We do not recommend total fasting for longer than 72 hours. Going longer than that can produce beneficial results in some cases, but at that point you will want to have direct supervision from a trained healthcare practitioner as well as your doctor. There are many gentle and safe detoxification formulas on the market but if you are already dealing with existing health challenges you also need to seek advice as to which of these formulas would be the best for you. Detox supplements are available in a wide variety of forms and the best ones would accomplish their benefits in the safest, gentlest manner.

Today we recognize even more, the benefits of regular detoxification of the internal human body. We are exposed to tens of thousands of chemical compound in our environment, food, water and even in our homes, every day. Ninety five percent of these chemicals were unknown 30 years ago, meaning that the body has a very hard time to detox from the presence of these unknown chemical compounds. Colonics, the irrigation of the large intestine is fine as far as it goes but colonics cannot detox the liver or the kidneys, two organs that are responsible for handling the vast majority of toxins in the body. Colonics can be helpful, especially in cases of constipation, but detoxification with a total approach to all the organs of elimination is far more effective. Colon cleansing is not as effective unless we also provide a liver cleanse. Cleansing the internal environment of the body is essential for detoxification. Detox programs that include the liver, kidney, bowel, bladder and colon are far more effective that mere colon cleansing alone. Our formula, developed at The Institute of Nutritional Science, addresses all these key organs in one pleasant detoxification program. Detox programs that do not address all the organs of elimination are providing only a fraction of the benefit that may be seen when total detoxification is carried out. We recommend detoxifying two or three times per year with our herbal combination that will provide a complete cleansing of the internal organs of elimination within the body. There are many methods of detoxifying the body. Exercise and increased perspiration is one form of detoxifying the body. Steam and sauna rooms have long been used to enhance this detoxifying method. Fasting is another popular method of detoxifying the body. When we fast we change the body chemistry from acidic to very alkaline. This state would not be healthy for prolonged periods because when our digestive system is alkaline, we effectively digest proteins or absorb many nutrients, especially minerals. Short-term fasting that produces alkalinity, say for 48 to 72 hours can be very helpful in removing toxins from the digestive system as well as the soft tissues of the body. #TotalBodyDetox #Cleansing #ColonCleanse


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