Balance Your Gut, Lose Weight for Good

The Gut Balance Revolution is available at Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, or wherever books are sold. Dr. Gerry Mullin’s The Gut Balance Revolution contains more than 50 delicious recipes, a simple exercise routine, real life success stories, shopping lists, lists of foods to favor and foods to avoid and more. Dr. Mullin, also known as The Food MD, will show you how the right food can be powerful medicine in your quest for reaching your ideal weight, attaining optimal health and experiencing renewed vitality. If you’ve ever struggled and wondered “how to lose weight,” The Gut Balance Revolution will help you lose excess weight for good.

Using the latest evidence based science and research, gastroenterologist, Dr. Gerry Mullin, has created a step by step program to help you reboot, rebalance and renew you gut microbiome – and lose excess weight for good.

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