ALDI GROCERY SHOPPING TOUR | Healthy Eating on a Budget

Follow me around Aldi grocery story as I show you how you CAN eat healthy on a budget… Aldi can help!

When’s the last time you’ve been to Aldi? ❓❓❓

Up until a year ago, I thought Aldi was a cheap food store. I had heard rumors that they were getting “healthier”, but that doesn’t always mean anything.
• Then 2 of my healthy eating friends urged me to check out ALDI after I was lamenting about the cost of health foods at my local grocery store.

• So I tried it. • OH MY!

• Yes, there are still plenty of unhealthy items there to avoid, but Aldi has made great strides in providing organic and healthy options for us consumers trying to save some 💵💰💵💰

• every time I go there is a new healthy option available.


Katrina Sequenzia, RN, CHC
Health Coach

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