A Colon Cleanse Can Cure 90% of All Diseases

What can you say about the health of your colon? Is as healthy and clean as it’s supposed to be? What you should know is that an unhealthy colon can turn out to be a pathway to many diseases that can ruin your life.

It’s important to note that up to 90% of diseases and health problems have direct links to an unhealthy colon. For the most part, the primary role of the colon is to get rid of toxins and unwanted wastes from the body.

The inability of the body to digest food properly can lead to the buildup of excessive amounts of food waste in the colon, which eventually ferment and putrefy in days.

What Are the Health Consequences of an Unhealthy Colon
Regardless of how good your digestion is, you still need to set out time to detox your colon on a regular basis — this is critical.
Here are some of the many problems associated with an unhealthy colon

• Weight gain
• Bloating
• Mood swings
• Constipation
• Body weakness
• Headaches
• Hair loss
• Weakened Immune system
• Diarrhea
• Diabetes
• Acne
• Bad breath
• Various types of cancer

Why You Should Do a Colon Cleanse

The primary reason why we all need a colon cleanse is to deal with digestive problems that come as a result of our modern lifestyle choices. Inability to properly dispose useless byproducts from the body leads to the accumulation of toxins that are dangerous to our overall health.

At the end of the day, you’ll find that up 5 to 25 pounds of waste has been accumulated in your colon — now that’s scary! Failure to act will eventually lead to the spread of toxins and bacteria throughout the body no thanks to the blood vessels that are in the walls of your intestines.

Warning Signs That Says You Need a Colon Cleanse:

Don’t hesitate to perform a colon cleanse if you’ve been experiencing:

• Fatigue and low energy levels
• Gas and bloating
• Poor digestion
• Excess stomach acid
• Constant headaches
• Insomnia
• Weight gain
• Hair loss
• Skin problems including acne and rashes
• Bad breath

How Can You Perform a Colon Cleanse

Before we explore some ways to cleanse your colon you need to do something first. What? Well, you need to change your eating habits by doing away with the wrong foods — this is critical!
Here a few things you can do to flush your digestive system and feel great while you’re at it:

• Adopt the habit of drinking a glass water with lemon juice on an empty stomach
• Drink lots of plain water — at least eight glasses a day
• Eat more fruits, veggies and whole grains
• Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day — doing this will help improve your digestion and make you feel great!
• It’s also an excellent idea to use an enema for your colon cleanse.

Just be sure that you know how to administer them correctly to avoid unnecessary complications.

How About a Juice Cleanse?

You can also kick your cleansing up a notch by trying a healthy juice cleanse! A simple combination of natural juices that are chock full of detoxifying properties should do the trick.

What you need

• Two pineapple slices
• One lemon
• One apple
• Two oranges
• Cucumber
• Aloe vera gel


• Start by squeezing the lemon and oranges into the blender. Then add two slices of pineapple coupled with a chopped cucumber, apple, and aloe vera gel.

• Just blend the whole ingredients for a few minutes or until smooth. Be sure to gulp down this juice on an empty stomach for fifteen days. Your large intestine will thank you!

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