741 Hz – Healing music for the Mind, body and soul.
Deep sleep and meditation. 👀👇👇

We can use frequencies to our advantage once we know the secrets, frequencies have been proven to levitate heavy objects such as rocks. This 3D dimension is made up of vibration and frequencies, we can manipulate them with the right tools to receive a desired outcome.

We need to make music the new medicine 🙏

Raise your vibration, sun gaze, meditate, eat healthy, drink spring water, take natural vitamins, exercise regularly, self educate, avoid things that bring you down (if possible,) do good, receive good back 😊 brighten someone’s day, make the world a better place

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Unfortunately, people at the top want to censor these videos, the msm is dangerous, they have too much control over too many tv and radio stations, do your part to break the hypnotic spell they have placed on humanity 🙏

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