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Are you looking for information on a 7 Day Detox Diet?

If so, click on the link below to access a free PDF report entitled, “Why Diets Fail”.


If you are looking for a detox diet, whether it is a seven day or a 9 day or a 30 day detox program, it is important to understand just what healthy detox programs are all about.

Our bodies are designed to eliminate toxins naturally. They do not need harsh laxatives, diuretics, or pharmaceuticals to eliminate toxins.

Any form of harsh chemical that is put into the body does more harm than good.

What our bodies need to detox naturally is nutritionally dense food.

This is because our bodies need the proper fuel to carry out their natural functions optimally.

In the video which is on this page, there is a quote from Dr. Dennis Harper which is taken from the PDF report entitled, “Why Diets Fail”, which you can access at the link below:


In the quote, Dr. Dennis Harper explains that 99% of cleansing in the body is done by the body itself when all of the organs are functioning properly.

Hence, a detox diet needs to be a nutritionally dense diet – it is not any kind of harsh chemical, laxative or diuretic.

Isagenix is an Arizona-based company that is the world leader in nutritional cleansing. This means that Isagenix creates nutritional programs which provide the body with the precise nutrients that it needs to eliminate toxins.

The two flagship programs offered by Isagenix are a nine-day and a 30 day program. Hence, there is no 7 Day Detox Diet that is recommended for safe, effective, healthy long-term weight loss.

The most effective detox diet offered by Isagenix is a nine day program.

However, if you are looking for a 7 Day Detox Diet, you would be far better off to follow the Isagenix nine day program because it is proven to be safe and effective than to try and unproven seven Day program.

Once again, click the link below to download the free PDF report which explains what a safe, healthy and effective detox diet is all about:


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