3 Foods To Improve Your Gut Health

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I didn’t know anything about the impact nutrition has on my gut health. And I certainly didn’t know anything about subjects like probiotics. In fact, not many people did. Gut health has become a huge area of medical research over the last 20 years, and we’ve made some absolutely incredible advancements in it. But before that, when we were kids, not much was known about the impact of nutrition on the gut, let alone which probiotic strains were necessary to get rid of all digestive health problems like IBS, bloating, etc.

But today, it’s a different story.

Now we know that nutrition matters a lot to your gut microbiome, and that you can supplement with good bacteria called probiotics, or eat those probiotics in certain foods to maintain amazing gut health. And we realize how important this is since your gut communicates directly with your brain to keep you healthy and focused.

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