14-Day Detox | My Cleansing Experience

Hey everyone! In this video, I share the benefits of cleansing and my experience! The link for the cleanse that I am doing is listed below.

PaleoCleanse Plus™ 14 Day Detox Program

The brand, designs for health, also has many great other products if you want to check them out! I also use their chocolate protein shakes and protein bars, and absolutely love them!
*This is NOT an ad and I am not being paid to promote this brand*

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In this video you will learn
How to cleanse
How to detox
Tips for cleansing
Tips for detoxing
Cleanse Tips
Detox tips
What cleanse to do
Losing weight on the cleanse
Benefits of cleansing
Benefits of detoxing
About Designs for Health detox
About the designs for health 14 day detox
How to cleanse for beginners
How to detox for beginners
Cleansing for beginners
Detoxing for beginners


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