11 Best Foods To Fuel Your Healthy Gut Bacteria

Are you facing digestive issues, low immunity, or a foggy brain? In this video I share 11 of the best foods to fuel your healthy gut bacteria, so you can start feeling better.

So, the first step to begin rejuvenating your gut is to reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is the root of disease, and the gut is where disease and health both begin.

So to reduce inflammation you have to start to remove the weeds – meaning the foods and lifestyle habits that are negatively affecting your inner ecology, your gut health.

Identifying and removing foods you are allergic or sensitive to and foods that fuel the bad bacteria in your gut, including GMO foods, sugar, dairy, gluten and lectins.

The truth is, it is often more what you remove that has the most impact on your health than what you add.

So the key is when you start enjoying more the the foods I am about to share with you, you are simultaneously removing the foods that fuel the bad bacteria and that are also leading to inflammation in your body.

By doing so, naturally you will start supporting an environment to invite the good bacteria to thrive and increase the diversity in your gut.

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