10 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

These are things I have discovered in my own experience with weight gain. I used to go hungry skipping meals and so many other things but when I began to do these things the weight fell off without ever counting a calorie, watching my “carbs” or taking any diet formulas. This isn’t a diet this is a change of lifestyle. The increase of good health has been permanent and I don’t miss the foods I used to think I couldn’t live without. Along with the weight loss my blood pressure went down and the weakness between meals that I often felt went away. I don’t snack and have no desire to either. Also, this lifestyle cost less than the way I was eating before.

One of the best investments I made was to get a Vita Mix and I started making my own Almond Milk which is cheaper than the ready made stuff in the store and better for the health. If you are interested in really good health and in getting a Vita Mix go to www.vitamix.com and give them this free shipping code and save 25 dollars. The code is: 06-004925. A Vita Mix is a wonderful tool for creating truly healthy food. Just take a look at my videos.


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